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Drill Team » 2017-2018 Line Tryout Info

2017-2018 Line Tryout Info

Line Tryout Eligibility

Line tryouts are open to girls in the eighth – eleventh grades. All students in these grades shall be eligible to try out for membership for the following year, upon completion of the established requirements for entrance.

All Fillies must tryout each year. For a current Filly to tryout again, all previous monetary obligations must be paid. A drill team due bill must be cleared prior to the beginning of the tryout clinic.


To be eligible to try out for the drill team a student must:


  •       Have cumulative academic and discipline records screened.
  •       Student cannot receive a failing grade in more than one grading period/cycle in the current school year. An exception may be made in Advanced/Honors classes in accordance with UIL Rules.
  •       Student cannot receive more than one unsatisfactory conduct grade in any grading period OR a negative administrative recommendation.
  •       A student will be deemed ineligible if her discipline record is found unsatisfactory due to single or multiple referrals and/or seriousness of the infraction. (to be determined at the directors discretion)
  •       Student cannot have been involved in any physical altercation.
  •       Student cannot currently be in DAEP or have been in DAEP during the current school year.
  •       Student may not have quit or been removed from the Filly organization in the current year.
  •       Turn in a completed application, including all required signatures by the deadline set by the director.
  •       Parent/ Guardian must attend required parent meeting prior to try outs. Turn in a Parent/Guardian Permission Form. (If parent/guardian is unable to attend the required meeting on the date scheduled, it is the student and guardians responsibility to schedule a meeting with the Director prior to tryouts)
  •        Attendance at the tryout clinic is mandatory. Note: Missing a day of clinic without approval from the Director will disqualify an applicant from trying out.
  •       Student must have a current physical form turned in with the try out application.
  •       Students interested in trying out should be in good physical health, and able to participate in rigorous activities.
  • Line Tryout Selection Process:

Eligible candidates will try out before the Director/Assistant Director and qualified dance judges. Judges will be selected by the Director. The selection process includes 25% teacher evaluations and 75% judges evaluation. Evaluation forms will be kept on file for up to 90 days following tryouts. Evaluation forms will be available for review upon request.

The membership number of the drill team will vary each year and will be determined by the Director.


Candidates will need to demonstrate dance agility, showmanship, energy and proficiency in standalone skills and moving combinations. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate the following skills:

  1. Splits (Left, Right, and Jump)
  2. Jazz Walks
  3. High Kicks
  4. Hitch Kicks
  5. Leaps
  6. Pirouettes
  7. Toe touch
  8. Bucks
  9. Rhythm  Gracefulness
Attire: Candidates are asked to wear the following for tryout camp, as well as the day of try outs:
  • Black shorts/ Tights (all shorts must fully cover the buttocks area. Black , white, or grey biker tights may be worn underneath shorts)
  • Black shirts (tanks or tees. May not reveal any cleavage or midriff areas as we will be in public areas at times.)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Jazz shoes ( not required, but recommended)
  • Any bra or sports bra should be black, white, or grey
  • No jewelry is permitted, except for small earring studs.
Tryout Outline:
  • Tryout camp is a week long process. Endurance, attitude, leadership, showmanship, and agility will be displayed during the first four days of camp, in the presence of the Director/ Assistant Director.
  • Candidates will be required to display the following on the day of tryouts in front of the Director, Assistant Director, and Judges. 
  • Splits (Left, Right, Jump, and Center if possible)
  • Jazz Walk
  • High Kick ( Left and Right Leg)
  • Hitch Kick
  • One Leap
  • Single Pirouette
  • 2-3 Stand Routines (learned during tryout camp)
  • Group dance (learned during tryout camp)
  • School Song and Fight Song (learned during tryout camp)

Line Membership Acceptance

Candidates who have been accepted into the Filly organization will be notified by letter within one week following tryouts. Accepted candidates will have 7 days to return a written letter accepting or rejecting membership to the Filly organization. This letter will need to be acknowledged and signed by both the candidate and guardian.

A member and parent meeting will be required in order to receive important information including consent and acknowledgement forms. Expenses, itemized list, and payment schedule will be outlined and provided at this meeting. All required forms and a payment in full is required by the deadline set by the Director. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of Filly membership.

Note: If a parent cannot attend the required meeting, it is his/her responsibility to schedule an individual meeting in order to fulfill the above mentioned acceptance requirements.



Any questions should be asked to the Filly Drill Team Director, Ms. Dylan Bennett, by email only


Thank you for your interest in the 2016-2017 Filly Drill Team.