Jandrea Cooper » Welcome Back Mustangs!!

Welcome Back Mustangs!!

My name is Jandrea Cooper, I'm a Registered Nurse. I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years. I teach Medical Terminology and Principles of Health Science at West Orange Stark High School. In my classes I will be preparing the students to work in the Medical field of their choice, upon completion of the 4 year program the students will graduate with a certification in one of the following careers CNA, EMS, Pharmacy Technician  OR Phlebotomy from Lamar State College -Orange. 
I'm so Excited to be participating in the molding and shaping of our future Medical Healthcare workers.
As we progress through this new and uncertain year, it will be important for students(parents) to stay abreast of the assignments and current on their due dates. Therefore it is more critical than ever for them to check daily our classroom and email me with any questions.