If you are a STAAR re-testing student, remember that those tests that you need are two weeks away! 
Remember that you must pass the English I, English II, Algebra, U.S. History, and Biology EOC tests in order to GRADUATE!  
If you are re-testing in one of these areas, YOU should be staying for tutorials Monday through Thursday. Please see Mr. LeBlanc (Algebra), Ms. Griffin (English I/English II), Ms. Eubanks (U.S. History), or Mr. Britten (Biology) ASAP!
We serve dinner and provide the 5:30 p.m. bus. 
Be sure to do everything you can do to pass your re-test! 
English I---December 5th
Algebra I---December 6th
English II---December 7th
Biology-----December 8th
U.S. History--December 11th
Make-Ups will be December 12th & 13th..
Please, please attend tutorials if you need a STAAR RE-TEST!!! It is crucial!