Welcome - WOSHS Band Department

The West Orange-Stark High School Band is one of the largest and most visible groups at school. We meet thousands of other students, parents and persons from all over the state and beyond. Many times, the impression we make will define what others think not only of the band, but the school as well; therefore, our impression must be a favorable one. Students are expected to and will demonstrate the proper behavior and attitude always. Attitudes or behaviors inconsistent with the welfare of the band will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the band program. The director and staff will always endeavor to treat each student with respect and dignity. The same is expected from the students. This organization must exhibit three qualities to be successful: discipline, pride and excellence. Because of the nature of this organization, discipline must be strict and thorough. Students and parents must be willing to accept the ideals and principles of the discipline policy. This brings us to pride. You should be proud of the band, as it has established itself as a program of excellence. To be proud of something means that it is good and worthwhile. Work is required to make, and keep a band good. Expect problems, but as they occur try to be part of the solution to that problem. If each band member does his/her part, the band will do well! The West Orange-Stark High School Band Program is designed to attract students with high academic standards who have a special interest in performance and aesthetic appreciation. The primary objective of the band is to provide the best opportunities for positive musical growth and create self-satisfaction for all students who are enrolled. Superior performance and exemplary behavior are stressed always in all areas, thus creating self-satisfaction, which serves to motivate and reward.

We'd also like to invite all parents to become a part of our booster organization. Great band programs usually have thriving booster organizations!  More info is available on the document below. 

Band Office - (409)882-5502