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Collaborative Partnerships

West Orange-Stark High School is committed to developing partnerships with our community leaders that will provide real world project connections, relevant field experiences, industry certification opportunities, and internships developing career ready mustangs. Students have opportunities while committed to education to participate in career based competitions as well as many industry based experiences. Through critical collaborative partnerships, West Orange-Stark learners will leverage lifelong, positive relationships with the wider community, providing a truly limitless educational experience.
If you are interested in partnering with West Orange-Stark High School we have a number of opportunities for companies and community members to get involved:
  • Guest Speaker 
  • Student Sponsorship
  • Externships
  • Panel Judges for Final Projects
  • Mentorship
  • Scholarships
  • Advisory Board Membership
If you are interested in developing a partnership with West Orange-Stark High School please contact WOS-HS CTE Coordinator at 409-882-5570.